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Note: Triannual Issues started with Issue 5 Sept - Oct - Nov - Dec 2011.

Issue 10 2013 May June July 2013

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Issue 10 Vol 4 - May - June - July - August 2013

12 Diane Brzeski
18 Susan Tyree
24 Kent Walton
30 Nancy Clark

36 The Art In Window Shopping By Andrea Cerantes
38 Los Angles Fashion By Phil Fernandez
42 Los Angeles Fashion By Jenifer Hernandez
46 Los Angeles Fashion 2 By Ana Ramirez
50 Martinsville Fashion By Iris Gillispie
56 Fashion Week Las Vegas

60 Randy Sweatt - US
66 Dwight Hayes - US
72 Seoul’s Night Club Gig By Jorge Toro - South Korea
92 Last Shot By Iris Gillispie

Film - Television - Stage
74 The Civil War Lives Through the Power of Film By
Greg Eanes
76 Boardwalk Empire’s Dark Stroll down Memory Lane
By Miranda Culp
78 On Stage with Corbin Campbell
80 The Unlikely Candidates By Kim Greene
82 Paradox By Wendi Craig

Written Words
4 Under the Eternal Sky - Part II: Tempest In The Food
Court By Kevin Gillispie
10 Fear and Vigilance: Thoughts on War Old and New
in Light of North Korea By Kevin Gillispie
84 Are You Hot Yet? By Avis Turner
86 The Art of Graphics By Adrea Varlaro
88 Art Medium By Charles Hill
90 The Art of Living Close to the Earth By Kris Landrum

Issue 9 Jan Febr March April 2013 Vol 4

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Issue 9 Vol 4 - Jan Febr March April 2013

Ben Bambauer
Grayson Handy - Prudence Designs & Events
Jennifer Strachan
Chris Frazier

The Art In Window Shopping By Andrea Cerantes
Los Angeles Fashion By Jenifer Hernandez
Los Angeles Fashion 2 By Ana Ramirez
Martinsville Fashion By Iris Gillispie
Martinsville Fashion 2 By Iris Gillispie

Lynn Dudley - US
Jorge Toro - South Korea
Last Shot By Kevin Gillispie

Film - Television - Stage:
Young Blood - A Film By Myron Smith
Testing the Boundaries: Homeland,
Season 2 on Showtime By Miranda Culp
On Stage By Paul Southwood

Written Words:
Under the Eternal Sky - Part 1: Jaywalking in
Mongolia By Kevin Gillispie
Hold My Hand By Avis Turner
Ma Bell - The Good Old Days By Iris Gillispie
Artists & Finance: The Roth IRA
By Dr. Doug Althouse
Infinity Acres By Laura Steere

Issue 8 Sept Oct Nov Dec 2012 Vol 3

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Inside Issue 8 - Sept - Oct - Nov - Dec 2012

2 Congrats to Karen Despot - Artisan
Ambassador - ACV
8 Martha Dillard
14 Jennifer W. Lovejoy
20 Martha Olson
26 Yolonda Ann Reardon
33 Judith Schwab
38 Ali Wieholdt

44 The Art of Window Shopping by Andrea
Cervantes Los Angeles Fashion Team
46 Photography by Ash Gupta for 838 Media Group
50 Jenifer Hernandez Photography
Nashville Fashion Team
54 Wee S Ng Photograhy
Martinsville Fashion Team
58 Iris Gillispie Photography
Rocky Mount Fashion Team
62 Ciara Roberts Photography
Danville Fashion Team
66 Sally Susan Popu Photography
70 I’m Repurposed by Spring Garrett

72 Eleanor Bennett
78 Courtney Blash
84 Chris Zydel
99 Photo Glimmers - Flowers of VA by Iris Gillispie
100 Last Shot by Iris Gillispie - Congrats Bronwyn
Hairston - Miss Martinsville-Henry Co.

Film - Television - Stage:
90 Wayne Baker & The LA Film
Industry - I Can’t Quit, It
Hurts Too Good by Paul Southwood
92 Staged Hauntings by Chip Wells
94 Staged Fiber Glass Art - Natural Bridge, VA
by Mark Cline

Written Words:
4 Between the Pavement and the Paddie,
Among the Drunken and the Dry by Kevin Gillispie
96 What is the Value of Art Revisited by Charles Hill
98 Art As Culture by Susan Perkins

Issue 7 May June July August 2012

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Inside Issue 7 2012 - May June July August 2012

6 Greg Arens
12 Karen Despot
18 Midge Ovenshire
24 Roland Guidry
30 So. VA Artisan Center

38 Danville Fashion Team By Sally Susan Popu
44 Martinsville Fashion Team By Ashlie Thompson
48 Rocky Mount Fashion Team By Ciara Roberts

52 Don Paulson
58 Elizabeth Pickett Gray
42 The Art Of Window Shopping By Andrea Cervantes
81 Photo Glimmers By Andrea Cervantes
82 Last Shot By Lynn Dudley

Film - Television - Stage:

66 Barry Young - LA Film Director - The Ultimate Artist
70 Jan Lim - A Short Film By Avalon Tipton
72 Kat Laskey - LA Makeup Artist
76 Melissa Charles - On Stage In Danville, VA
78 Bernadette Moore - Marketing Art On Stage

Written Words:
2 The Ultimate Artist By Iris Gillispie
4 Globalized, Homogenized, but is it
Korean? — Surviving Without
Culture in the Hermit Kingdom
By Kevin Gillispie
36 Piedmont Writers Group
37 The Value Of Art By Charles Hill
80 Artistic Marketing By Susan Perkins

Issue 6 2012 - Jan Febr March April

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Inside Issue 6 2012 - Jan Febr March April

6 Rafal Karcz - Poland
12 Charlie Knighton - USA
18 Regina Chapman - USA
24 Iris Gillispie - USA

32 Danville Fashion Team By Sally Susan Popu
36 Martinsville Fashion Team By Ashlie Thompson
40 Rocky Mount Fashion Team By Ciara Roberts

44 Charles Goforth - USA
50 Zara Lipstixx - England
71 Photo Glimmers By Iris Gillispie - USA
72 Last Shot By Jason Rothe - Argentina

Film - Television - Stage:
56 Virginia’s Explore Park
58 Kim Greene - Hollywood Film Makeup Artist
62 Jani Kleinbard - Los Angeles TV Hair Stylist
64 Opera is “in” in Central Virginia
66 Leland George On Stage in Martinsville, VA
68 Eric Roberson - Music On Stage In Los Angeles

Written Words:
2 Strike A Pose For Art By Iris Gillispie
4 The TAP Trichotomy: By Kevin Gillispie
30 Piedmont Writers Group
70 Addicted To Art Drama By Charles Hill

Issue 5 Sept - Oct - Nov - Dec 2011

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Inside Issue 5 Sept - Oct - Nov - Dec 2011

8 Jesie Pace-Berkeley - Blacksburg
14 PH=A - Los Angeles & New York
20 Lee Farley - Danville
26 Wayne Dobson - Danville
34 Sourthern Virginia Artisan Center - Martinsville

40 The Martinsville Fashion Team
46 Rocky Mount Fashion Team

56 Nathan Brown - Nashville
62 Graham Park - Martinsville
68 Cathy Farley - Danville
83 Photo Glimmers
84 Last Shot

Film - Television - Stage:
74 On Lake Effects Film Producer
Sara Elizabeth Timmins
76 Making An Independent Film By Steve Cole
78 Will Hollywood TV & Film Makeup & Hair Artists
Be Needed In The Future? By Iris Gillispie
80 Music On Stage:
Eric Baker - Poetry Set To Music
By Johnny Price

International Art News:
By Kevin Gillispie

Written Words:
2 Inner Strength By Jesi Pace-Berkeley
5 Fresh Ink Book Reviews By Dorothy Carter
6 Art Dispatches From Korea By Kevin Gillispie
32 Appalachian Book Reviews By Becky Mushko
52 Piedmont Writers Group
53 The Business of Art By Susan Perkins
54 Letter Writing - A Lost Art By Rhonda Tilley Manetz
82 The Art of Teaching By Charles Hill

Summer 2011 Issue 4

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Below are a few highlights from this issue:

Jim Beard, Curator of Geology at Virginia Museum of Natural History, shares
his photos of microscopic rock slivers. Below is a video preview of his work.

A big thanks to Reflections Salon & Day Spa's makeup and hair
artists for their work on IFVA's Summer 2011 Fashion Spread.

Gala Wyatt, Makeup & Hair Artist, Reflections Salon,
Martinsville, VA - Applies makeup to one of IFVA Magazine's
models, Barbara Jean Turner.

Inside Summer 2011 Issue 4

10 Stanley Harris - Los Angeles
16 Jeffrey Bradshaw Seiden - Danville
22 Lisa Plemmons Harrison Caddel - Los Angeles
28 The Artisan Center - Crooked Rd - Rocky Mt.
34 The Grainery - Rocky Mt.
38 Sourthern Virginia Artisan Center - Martinsville
44 Lynchburg Artists - Lynchburg
46 VMNH - Jim Beard, Curator of Geology
52 Danville Science Center - Jeff Liverman, Director
54 Hokie Storm Chaser - Andrew Smith
56 The Martinsville Fashion Team
68 Andrea Padilla - Los Angeles
74 Ashlie Thompson - Martinsville
Film TV Stage
82 Sound on Film By Kevin Gillispie - South Korea
84 Agency Patty Bunch By Patty Bunch - LA
86 Dreams Made Real In The Performing Arts
By Melissa Bryant Charles - Danville
66 Piedmont Writers Group - Martinsville
32 Lake Writers - Smith Mountain Lake
7 FRESH INK Book Review By Dorothy Carter:
Stuck By Becky Mushko
Art News
6 International By Kevin Gillispie
8 What Is Art Part III: A Philosophy of Identity
By Kevin Gillispie
65 The Branding Beauty & Brawn
By Susan Perkins
80 The Art of Pretense By Charles Hill
2 Looking Back Over The Issues

Below are a few highlights
from this issue:

Martinsville Fashion Team - behind the scenes video -
preparations for IFVA
Magazine's Fashion Spread - Summer 2011 Issue 4. Locations:
Reflections Salon, Maurices, Patrick Henry Mall and
Wild Magnolia.

Iris Gillispie at Maurices gathering outfits for the models.

Spring 2011 Issue 3

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Inside Issue 3:


Aleen Wilson, Kay Finch, Renee Lee, Christina Ramos,
The Artisan Center.

Art In Science:
Danville Science Center.
Fashion By: All About Me Boutique - Carrie Cauthen, at the Henry Co. Courthouse, Arts & Deli, Draper & Ferrall, Those Crafty Barnes Sisters, Baskets By Design, Simply The Best Florist, Darrin Doss, Iris Gillispie.

Suzette Troche-Stapp, Andrea Despot.

Film TV Stage:
Julio Martinez, Iris Gillispie, Christopher Goodman.

Kevin Gillispie, Paul Southwood. Susan Perkins.

Avis Turner, Erselle White Williams, Sharon Reeve DeVault.


Winter 2010 Issue 2

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Inside Issue 2:

Artists Of The Piedmont & Triad-Eugene Spencer,Audrey Caywood, Celtic Pottery Artists, Judith Schwab; Art In Science: Virginia Museum of Natural History - Dr. Judith Winston - Mount Wilson Observatory - Dave Jurasevich.

Martinsville VA Fashion Team - All About Me Boutique, Kara Carter-Hundley, Bethany O’Neil, Micah Mordue, Kasey Kindrick, Graham Park, Iris Gillispie.

Abraham Wagner, Iris Gillispie.

Film TV Stage:
Taking Chance. By Julio Martinez, Not Too Late By Paul Hilburger, Art Harding - Breaking In Television In LA By Iris Gillispie, YLT - The Little Theater That Could By Deb Thro.

What Is Art - Part II By Kevin Gillispie, The Healing Power of Art By Mary D. Powell, Art In Science By Charles Hill, Review: Urban Decay Makeup, By Iris Gillispie; Poems: Piedmont Writers - Lynn Dudley, Jeri Rakes Smith, Erselle W. Williams, Noel L. Carter, Mary E. Farris, Avis Turner.


Fall 2010 - Issue 1

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Inside Issue 1:

Ruth Lyle, Mary D. Powell, Charles Hill, Terry Mitchell, Steve Mitchell.

Micah Mordue, Iris Gilispie, Susan Weeks.

Sam Davis and Jason Rothe.

Film TV Stage:
Los Angeles Makeup Artist Robin Slater's Bollywood/Hollywood experience on the film My Name Is Khan; San Francisco's Nick Culp on Jazz.

What Is Art by Kevin Gillispie - Success By Art by Charles Hill - Driving Lenny Bruce by Julio Martinez.

Lynn Dudley.