Iris Gillispie, growing up in Virginia, was always interested in the arts. Both her parent were creative people. They helped further her interest in 2D and 3D skills.

Following in her parent's artistic footsteps, Iris developed a strong interest in photography, she would photograph anything and everything that caught her attention. After moving to Los Angeles, where she lived for over 30 years, she spent 25 of those years as an union industry makeup and special effects artist. She also was one of the first women in LA to open a California State approved film and TV makeup and effects occupational school called Makeup Techniques, in Hollywood. She was priviledged to work on well-known celebrities, tv shows, commericals and movies. This give her great opportunities to take unique photos along the way. You can see some of her work at: www.seestreet.com. She has won awards for her photography, which have been on display at several locations:

*The Artisan Center, Martinsville, VA
Reynolds Homestead, Critz, VA
Piedmond Arts, Martinsville, VA
Smith Mountain Art Show, Smith Mt., VA
Former Gallery 102, Roanoke, VA
Art Panonia, Blacksburg, VA

The years of education and work in Los Angeles culminated into the creation of In Frame Visual Arts Magazine. In September 2010, she launched her first issue of the magazine, publishing a total of 10 issues. They are still available worldwide, in digital and in print. Find all issues here at this website: www.inframevisualarts.com

She also started a digital media production company called The Sight Sound Mill, see some of her productions here: www.sightsoundmill.com.

Now retired, she continues to enjoy the various art forms: photography, script writing, metal working, sculpting, jewelry making, knitting, sewing, growing gourds and phyrography.

Iris Gillispie - Artist and Publisher