In Frame Visual Arts and In Frame Visual Arts Magazine were created by veteran industry artist, Iris Gillispie.

Her 25 years as an artist and traveler for the Los Angeles' entertainment industry and former owner of, and instructor at, her California State approved occupational school, Makeup Techniques, culminated into the creation of In Frame Visual Arts. Focusing on all art forms.

Understanding the importance of art in our communities, she looked for ways to combine all her skills. With her knowledge and training in social networking; digital media production; internet services; her varied artistic skills and training; and her art connections all over the United States and abroad, she found a way to not only satisfy her thirst for creativity but also to helpher fellow artists.

In September 2010, she launched her first issue of In Frame Visual Artist Magazine. It is available worldwide, in digital and in print. Iris' goal is to continue recognizing and enjoying all art forms.

"Let's have fun and get real through the arts!"
-- Iris G.

Enjoy your visit!

Iris Gillispie, Artist and Publisher